I: Bring 4-5 outfits to the shoot, then you'll have enough options and we can alternate. At the start of the shoot, we'll go through the outfits together and see which ones are best to shoot with.
II: Textured fabrics such as denim, linen, something crocheted / knitted, lace or a ribbed fabric look great in photos!
III: Earth tones (beiges, browns, olive green, colours that you encounter in nature) come across well on photos, are timeless and can easily be combined. Colours like black, white, gray, pastel and muted colors always work too. Though, feel free to include striking colors if it suits you & your style, make sure to use a mix of neutrals and colour. We can make it work! ;)
IV: You can always bring some accessories such as jewelry, a bucket hat, socks, scarf, boots or sneakers to spice up an outfit.
V: Diversity among your outfits creates diverse images. For example, bring a dress, a two-piece suit, a lingerie set, jeans, a basic top and a blouse. You can make several combinations with the suit for example: you can also wear the jacket with biker shorts and a basic top, the pants can be combined with a lingerie top or a blouse.
VI: Make sure you look like any version of yourself. Bring items of clothing that you feel good in and that make you happy. Everyone has different alter egos and we can highlight them during the shoot: you can safely bring both a summery and colourful dress and a black two-piece suit with lace-up boots for a minimalist look.